Our flagship program continues to truly prepare young people for entry level roles in the organised service sector. With over 220 hours of inputs, it is designed to develop values, skills and finally place young people into entry level careers.

We also provide free legal camp for women, and underprivileged sections of the society to enable them to enjoy constitutional and Legal right at par with other citizens of India.

DAMME Society (DAMME) envisages a healthy Indian society, which is self reliant, equitable and sustainable environmentally sound and social justice with equal human rights and opportunities for all.

Vocational Programs

Our flagship program continues to truly prepare young people for entry level roles in the organised service sector. With over 220 hours of inputs, it is designed to develop attitudes & values, develop hard and soft skills and finally place young people into entry level careers. The program is divided into 6 components:

Spoken English

Over 70 hours of learning time to maximize students' use of spoken English. English is also the main medium of communication outside the classroom.

Computer Usage

Covering basic MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Internet usage.

Intra and Interpersonal Skills

Designed to increase students' ability to successfully operate within structured business environments. Skills developed include time management, listening skills, respect for self and others, conflict management, anger management, recognizing strengths and weaknesses and formulating vision and goals for life.

Social Confidence

Assignment based field visits to modern retail, hospitality and BPO companies serve 2 main functions : first is to de-mystify environments our students may feel excluded from and the second is to set a context for personal grooming, dependability, etc.

World of Work

Covers the reality of work & workplaces, terminology, roles and responsibilities, understanding of organizational structures, interview techniques and successful CV writing.

Selling and Customer Service Skills

From the 4Ps to the sales cycle, objection handling and customer care, this component of our program helps students understand the 'science' that underpins successful selling and customer service. Role plays help students develop selling skills.

Computerised Office and Data Entry

CODE is the ideal program for those who aspire to take a clerical, data entry, receptionists or other entry level office based jobs. The program combines MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint from Microsoft's Unlimited Potential certified program with structured sessions designed to improve speed and accuracy on the keyboard plus spoken English inputs, using contexts, language and scenarios that will prepare students for work in a formal, structured environment. Assignments are practical and reflect real life work situations and are designed to teach, stretch and assess students' research and technical skills as well as fire their imagination! E-mail and mail etiquette and internet use is also taught.

Furthermore the program prepares students for work in a structured organizational setting by developing interpersonal and behavioural skills needed in the modern workplace. The program aims to develop skills including time and anger management, team work, value clarification, objective setting and conflict management. In the last weeks of the program trainees prepare for placement into the organised sector, with the placement team working hard to connect young people with potential employers, scheduling interviews and reassuring, supporting and counselling them through the process until a job is secured. Program intake is strictly limited to one student per computer, to maximise learning and interest.

Certificate Program - Computer Teacher Training

With the first batch beginning in September 2002, DAMME's Program on Computer Teacher Training has been designed with the objective of imparting the knowledge and skills required for teaching in regular schools as well as in Computer teaching establishments. The coverage includes:

  • • Computers - Computer Fundamentals, Troubleshooting Hardware and Software, Key Board (Typing) Skills, Microsoft Suite, Internet usage, Database Management, as well as design packages like Corel Draw and Photoshop.

  • •Employability Skills - Spoken English and Communication Skills, Intrapersonal & Social Confidence, Interpersonal Skills and Understanding the World of work.

  • •Teaching Skills - Understanding youth and working with them and methodologies of Skill Development and Teaching.

  • •Practice Teaching and Internship.

The Certificate Program in Computer Teacher Training is thus a comprehensive program designed to give well rounded exposure along with experience of actual teaching. 12th standard applicants with Interest and Aptitude for teaching are eligible for the program which is offered for 4 hours per day, 6 days a week over 6 months, making it DAMME's longest-duration program.

Projects & Programs: Employability Programs

DAMME's Unlimited Potential with Spoken English program is ideal for young people who have yet to complete basic schooling and who want to develop basic skills in using computers and speaking English. A basic level of computer competency, particularly in Microsoft applications, is required for almost all level of jobs, and the DAMME program also includes spoken English which makes it a very attractive combination for students. The program includes Microsoft's Unlimited Potential, which is designed by damme to teach Computers specifically to young people from disadvantaged communities. The program begins with an introduction to Word, covering basics such as formatting, editing, creating tables and indexes moving up to more advanced topics such as mail merge. Students progress through Excel topics such as charts, wizards and tables before learning PowerPoint. The program provides intense inputs in Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as teaching internet skills, web-based e-mail and Outlook. Students are assessed throughout the program through a set of assignments, tasks and tests and only those who can demonstrate the requisite level of proficiency will receive the Microsoft approved certificate. Since our mission at DAMME is not just to impart skills but also to bring about changes in thinking and behaviour in our students, DAMME also includes significant interpersonal and behaviour work as well as our intensive 10-hour Career Guidance Workshop and a 3-hour Sexuality and Aids Awareness Workshop. Thus, DAMME is a full life skills and employability skills program for adolescents on the verge of finishing their school education.

Speaking English with Confidence

DAMME's Speaking English with Confidence is a program designed to help young people improve their confidence levels as well as chances of succeeding in higher education as well as employment It is designed to prepare underprivileged youth, having basic awareness/exposure to English during schooling in Government run, non-English medium schools. We aim to equip our trainees with sufficient vocabulary and confidence to be able to converse in English in every day situations. And particularly in the workplace-with seniors, customers and others. It also gives them the behavioural and social skills to confidently give presentations in work and non-work situations as also to speak in public forums. Special attention is focussed on reducing their fear of the English language, and increasing their desire and skills of learning so that they continue to learn to improve their vocabulary and speaking skills Programs are regularly conducted in DAMME Career Development Centres in Moradabad, Bijnor and Muzaffarnagar and at locations of other NGOs and vocational training institutes.The program is available to 12th pass candidates, and is offered over 1 months, for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.